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جيمبل مانع اهتزاز للهاتف ZHIYUN SMOOTH XS مع عصا سيلفي قابلة للتمدد مناسب لكل الهواتف

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1 ، يرجى تنزيل التطبيق “ZY Cami” بعد استلام Smooth XS. 2- قم بتسجيل حساب في ZY Cami. 3. قم بتثبيت الهاتف عليه مما يجعله متوازنًا ، قم بتشغيل بلوتوث الهاتف و Smooth XS ، قم بتوصيل الهاتف بـ ZY Cami. 4.Stat باستخدام جهاز Smooth XS.

Xtra Fun, Xtra Life

خيارات لون متنوعة

يتم تقديم Smooth XS بألوان متعددة قد تتناسب تمامًا مع مناسباتك المختلفة وتزين حياتك الديناميكية بشكل شخصي.

منحنيات أنيقة. قبضة مريحة

النمط المضاد للانزلاق على الظهر وتصميم المقبض المنحني الرائع يجعله مريحًا جدًا في الإمساك به.

Slide Design. Easy Storage

Innovative slide design. Simply slide out to get started for shooting; and slide back for storage.

Hand Gesture Control

In addition to using the joystick controls on the handle, you can also use hand gestures to control the gimbal to take a selfie, or start/stop your smartphone camera, so you don’t have to touch any controls.

Vertical Shooting Ready in Seconds

Enter the vertical shooting directly with no pre stabilization needed. Or switch from the horizontal mode to vertical by double pressing the button.

A Gimbal PLUS a Selfie Stick

Though being a truly pocke-size gimbal, Smooth XS can also be extended out with the 260mm telescopic rod, providing the value-added posibility to capture group shots.

Frame to Track Subjects

Smooth XS allows you to track a subject automatically after getting the subject in the frame so that you don’t have to move the cam manually.

Unlock SMART Post Editing For Mobile Videography Starters

SMART mode offers a plethora of templates integrated with customized movements, music, and rich special effects. From this moment, everyone can create amazing storytelling videos even he is not a post editing master.

Special Effects at Fingertips

The new app ZY Cami provides basic editing funtions. You may pick up the favorite tunes, effects and transitions throught the resources library for more dynamic videos.

Unlimited Creativity

The app also offers slow motion, time-lapse, panorama, and other creative features.

Native Camera Supported

Direct control to native phone camera and selfie App with Bluetooth connected.

5.5 hrs Battery Playtime

You may use Smooth XS to shoot videos for 5.5 hours with one-time full charge and it may be recharged by power bank on the go. *The runtime acquired under laboratory environment. The actual runtime may vary slightly.

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